Sunday, July 5, 2009

There's Not Supposed To Be Anything Wrong. Ever.

Rock hasn't being doing well for a while. For about 2 mos now he's not been eating well. He's been picky and extremely selective. We changed food to a higher quality (Taste of the Wild - a no grain food) we've supplemented with beets, pumpkin, green beans, sweet potatoes, chicken, rice, and the like. While everyone else has eaten, he has been eating fine one day and the next he eats little to nothing. We'd become worried, we were starting to see his ribs.

Last week, we pulled two GSD's from the shelter, one of which started showing signs of kennel cough within a few days.

Now Rock and Connor both have it. Up until this morning, Connor had been eating fine. He snubbed his nose at chicken. Wants nothing to do with it. Oddly, as I sat here to write this, he started to eat the slices of chicken I put in front of him. Maybe my writing is magic. ;) All three are on medication to relieve their congestion. I don't want them on antibiotics if I can help it.

We took Rock to the vet last week for bloodwork. While he was acting ok, there was something still not quite right. He also got xrays done as there were concerns regarding his liver, etc.

The results of his bloodwork came back fine, well within normal ranges for everything. His xrays looked fine except for the lining in his intestines and stomach were showing signs of inflammation. She sent us home with cans of EN and told us to put him on a bland diet and to keep bringing him in for weight checks over the next couple of weeks to see if there are any changes. With luck, it is is gastritis and we can work with that easily enough. Otherwise the next options we are looking at are an ultrasound or more specific bloodwork (looking for possible nutritional difficiencies), and eventually the probability of a biopsy.

Mentally I've checked out. That's my boy. Hell they all are (well, my girls too, yanno)...but Rock... well. dammit. He's my Rock.

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