Sunday, December 20, 2009

A New Way To See Things

I wanted to do something different for Windi, a very dear friend who has been extremely helpful with my career. Her dogs are well known in the agility world; Wick, Fli, Star, (which is my Connor's mother), Singe, her up and coming new girl (Connor's 'opposit twin' sister) and then there is Fig.

I love to watch Fig run courses because of the way she does them, her enthusiasm and absolute joy are obvious. She really shows how much fun she is having. The amusing difference between Fig and other dogs is that she barks throughout the whole course. I get many photos of her with her mouth wide open and eyes wild and fiery! 

She has such wonderful energy and her excitement is contagious! I have noticed many non-agility bystanders with big smiles on their faces when Fig runs. You just can't help it!

When I get home from a long day of shooting these are the shots that energize me when I am just plain beat, these are the types of shots that keep me going. They never cease to amuse.

This is the smaller version of the collage I made for Windi.