Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cough Cough Kennel Cough *hack*

Just a short update because, well frankly I'm too damned tired. But I know there are a few people who actually care so...

I now have FIVE dogs showing obvious signs of kennel cough, the other three, are well, I'm just not sure yet. They're all getting Tussin just in case. Five are now on doxy.

I would LOVE to thank the f*$@^%g shelter for not appropriately quarantining dogs with kennel cough. I should send them my vet bills. Then again, they would've just murdered Gracie and Fifi. Just dogs. Callous morons. YES I am still angry.

I'm also getting sick.


On 7/3 Rock weighed 65 pds. We took him in on 7/7 he was at 61.9, I'm trying to allow for the fact that he's sick. Because he had not been eating. He IS eating now. I'm going to wait until tomorrow or Saturday and take him in to get weighed again.


Ok, well, you know me, I can't stop on a sad note no matter how bad things are.


A couple days ago, I had turned around when I heard this rustling, and I couldn't help but smile ...Wolfie (that would be the DH) made "bunk beds" for the dogs. Smartyboots Gracie decided to take the top bunk, then realized she could squeeze through and get on top of the crate. Needless to say, we've removed everything from the top of Fifi's crate now. ;)

Uni & the Underdogs

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