Saturday, July 25, 2009

There Are Three Sides To Every Story...

Yours, Theirs, and The Truth......

After much discussion, the bottom line was we had to look out for the best interest of our household. Katy was not fitting in as well as we had hoped. The pup transitioned into our family very well.

Unfortunately, we had to take her back to the shelter. Anyone who knows us knows that it was one of the most painful decisions we've ever made. However, she went back with more of a chance of surviving than when I took her out a month ago. Assuming I was told the truth (and I have no reason to believe otherwise) then she has been pulled by a GSD rescue and my taking her back to the shelter was the best for her, which is what matters.

Wolfie and I both are still dealing with the loss of her from our home. She will always be a part of our hearts. She is loved and missed very much.

This has been an emotionally trying time for us.

We have adopted the black and tan GSD pup and she has been named Buffy.

"The more things change, the more they remain...insane."

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