Monday, March 10, 2008

My first picture the one I see in my head from childhood. The problem of course is that it changes with each memory. As I get older those moments seem to fade, although a few are so vivid I feel sometimes I could reach out and touch them. Babies grow, learn to walk and talk, and off to school they go. Before you know it they're off and the house is empty. The playful puppy you brought home so many years ago sits by your side now, that salt and pepper beard, the glazed eyes. He's slow to get up and pad behind you to the bedroom each night. Keep the memories. It doesn't mean going out and spending $5,000 on the latest and greatest Nikon or Canon equipment. You can use your camera phone. The importance is simply the ability to look back and smile, laugh, grieve, cry, allow yourself some time with your memories. Keep them where you can see them, in a photograph.

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